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last night i went to the concert with nat, johnMike, dj vinel, and cat.

rockin concert, the best song they sing is soul vacation, i love that song.

after the concert in the car kenny kept restartin the song on the JR cd, and then i said "if you restart it one more time i will do something so bad that u dont even wanna know."

needless to say.. he restarted it again.

So i grabbed the thing and held it out the window and said "you'll never hurt anyone again!" then i threw it out the window.

johnMike laughed so hard i thought he was gonna die.

then me and kenny went to 7 11 and came back here.

today i went to the beach to hang with my aunt and grandma. needless to say, i didnt see them that much, just sat in a hotel room for 4 hours, but at least i had my DS with golden sun with me.

well, see yah

lol, this is funny.

we pull up to the order place and the lady goes "*static*.... ur total is 7.50..."

kenny : "ummmm...... we havent even ordered yet."

hey, it was funny at the time....
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