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man! youth group was sooo awesome tonight!!!

The worship was great, i really got into it.

The message was awesome!

The invitational time was sooo frieken rockin!

It's so awesome to see how God is moving in certain people's lifes. Like mine for instance. Previously I played WoW (World of Warcraft) about 6 hours a day, hey, dont blame me, it's an addicting game, and if it means giving up something that close to me to become close to God.

Well then, it's pretty obvious.

<3 <3 God.

This is a night none of us will forget.

P.S. I know all of you guys have needs, and I hope you will post them in Prayer_Time, at least as an unspoken, I really wanna pray for you guys and your needs. That's what friends are for.
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