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Today i woke up to the sound of seaver coming in with some taco bell, great times, hes a good man.

then me and him hung out till justin T got home then a little while later me, justin T, justin C, nick, seaver, asaph, and kenny went to some park in st pete and played dodgeball for THREE HOURS!

I got hurt a few times, like when the ball was coming for me and i jumped and threw the ball out of my hands to knock the other ball away and i jumped into the fence and hurt my right arm.

Another time i threw it really hard and i slipped and fell on my right arm... at least i got him out..

The championship match was me, asaph, justin C, and kenny vs. nick, seaver, and justin T.. and we schooled them!

<3<3 dodgeball

Then me, kenny, seaver, and justin T went to wendys and justin T was imitading Five iron frenzy by pretending he had an australlian accent.

see yah.

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