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My Exciting Week (Not Sarcasm)

Friday - Me and Josh go to kenny's, make up a new fun game, stay up till 3 hanging out.

Saturday (AM)- Me and josh and kenny go to arbys, then to josh's for a little while, kenny takes me home, i take a nap

Saturday (PM)- Kenny gets me and adam, we go over to josh's, play 'take a dare', watch tv, play Ps2, all that stuff, (i did not go to sleep saturday night).

Sunday- Church, great one, i was sooo tired, got home and layed down, but i slept through the time of evening church then couldnt get to bed till 7 am.

Monday - Nothing really happened.

Tuesday - Me, justin T, justin C, asaph, nick, and seaver went to the park and played dodgeball for an hour and a half or so, then we came back here.

That's it. see yah..

comment if you love me.
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